When it comes to Winter bugs, we've had a fairly good innings this year. I'm putting it down to the addition of a few new immune boosting ingredients in our diets. I continue to have a decent spoonful of the Happy Valley Bee Pollen most mornings, sharing in the ritual with Finn, who loves to nibble at the tiny pallets one by one... it is adorable|torture watching him!
We've also got a jar of Happy Valley UMF® Manuka Honey on hand, which is wonderful for kicking a tickle in your throat - quick smart. Honey in general has amazing natural properties, in particular manuka honey with a UMF®  of 10+, which assists with sort throats and colds, general health and energy as well as many other ailments. So I'm always keen to get a good dose into our diets throughout the year to ward off any nasties, Winter in particular
To include a little of this wonderfully beneficial honey in Max and Finns diet I prepare this incredibly simple and wonderfully tart grapefruit tonic, sweetened with manuka honey. A simple shot in the morning is wonderful for clearing the throat and it can be sipped on throughout the day if you are feeling a little under the weather or down on energy.
We were recently given an enormous bag of grapefruit, a fruit that I've always loved; baked, juiced, thinly sliced over granola or for a special treat, served with a big dollop of natural yogurt and shavings of dark chocolate - bitter sweet and simply delightful. 

2 heaped tsp Manuka Honey 
6 large grapefruit (juiced and strained) approx. 300ml
1 tsp ground ginger or 2 tbsp fresh ginger juice*


Place honey in a jar over a bowl, pour a small amount of hot water in the bowl to soften the honey. 
Juice the grapefruit and strain through a sieve. Add juice and ginger to the softened honey and mix well.
Keep in the fridge (for up to 24 hours) and drink chilled or at room temperature from small glasses. 

Makes approx. 300ml

Happy Valley stockists are scattered throughout New Zealand and the full range can be purchased through its website, here
Enjoy. x Zoe


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