We all know that breakfast is the most valuable meal of the day. A wholesome start to each day can provide you with huge amounts of energy. But, in order to stick to a great regime, you really ought to love it, right?
Chia seeds have this clever knack of turning liquid into a jelly like consistent, I often use them as an egg replacement in baking and have gone as far as making a chia caviar, which is incredible with sushi - I shall share that recipe with you one day soon!  
This delicious breakfast pudding is incredibly creamy, subtly sweet and tangy - and best of all, it is wickedly simple to prepare in the evenings. It is tastiest enough to eat straight from the jar for a quick, light breakfast, or added alongside sliced fruit, nuts, granola and nut milk for a more substantial start. It only contains a handful of natural ingredients and is free of gluten, refined sugar, dairy, egg and nut.
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1 cup frozen organic raspberries 
1 cup organic coconut cream 
1 tbsp light coconut nectar, or maple syrup 
1/4 tsp vanilla powder, or 1 tsp vanilla extract 
juice of 1/2 a lemon
3 tbsp chia seeds 

To Serve: (optional)

1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tbsp shredded coconut 
Sliced banana
Fresh or frozen raspberries 
Nut Milk 


In a blender add all ingredients, minus chia seeds. Blend for a minute or two, until lovely a smooth. 
Pour mixture into a container or jar and add chia seeds. Mix, stir or shake well.
Place into the fridge overnight, or for at least an hour. 
Enjoy chilled. 

Makes approx. 2 large or 4 side serves

Enjoy. x Zoe

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