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Persimmon & Lime Salsa

gluten free mexican persimmon salsa

A group of my girlfriends often get together for a night of potluck feasting - good food, wine and a fair amount of talking! We usually theme the nights and Mexican generally wins - in which case I put my hand up for salsas and sauces. I have several trusty mexican inspired sauce and salsa recipes that I'll share with you one day soon. However for our most recent Mexi-night, I was sitting on 10kg plus of organic persimmon from our recent trip North, so I decided to do something with these. It wasn't the plan to share this recipe, but Helen, who has to be one of my absolute favourite people on this Earth, is well and truly pregnant - and she loved it. I've made it several times since, with the hope of cutting through the masses of persimmon that are quickly softening. It is subtly sweet and wonderfully fresh and zingy. Excellent paired with pan fried fish as a light salad, or in a soft taco for your next Mexi-night!   

This ones for you Helen, your baby already has impeccable taste.


3 medium persimmon
small handful fresh mint
small handful fresh coriander 
1/2 small jalapeño, fresh preferably 
juice of 1 lime 
tiny pinch sea salt 


Peel and finely dice persimmon, add to a medium sized mixing bowl. 
Finely chop mint, coriander and jalapeños - adding to the persimmon along with lime juice and salt.
Mix to combine and leave to sit for at least five minutes before tasting and adjusting flavours as required. 

Enjoy. x Zoe

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