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Quick Homemade Ginger Beer

drink ginger beer refined sugar free

When the heat of summer kicks in, my vice: ginger beer.  
There is nothing quite like a glass of sparkling ginger beer, packed with ice, clinking as you sip away on the spicy and refreshing goodness!
I hope that one day, when space in our tiny kitchen allows, I'll make and bottle a non alcoholic ginger beer, but in the meantime, this quick recipe will have to suffice. Free of refined sugar, it is lovely and dry and can easily be adapted to suit your taste. Most importantly, it can simply be made in just a few minutes making it a wonderful treat to squeeze onto the BBQ table before summer leaves us for another year...    


160g fresh ginger
4-6 tablespoons coconut sugar, could also use muscovado 
2 oranges, rind and juice 
1 litre sparkling mineral water
fresh mint, optional garnish
lots of ice, for serving 


Grate fresh ginger, skin and all.  Zest the oranges and place into a bowl with the ginger.  
Sprinkle with coconut sugar, starting with 4 tablespoons. Mix and leave to soak for 10 minutes, letting the juice from the ginger naturally seep.  
Place into a nut milk bag (or muslin cloth) and squeeze juice into a clean bowl, you could also use a sift but I find using a nut milk bag you can squeeze out more juice.  

Allow the concentrate to sit for 5 minutes before tasting. You may feel it needs a little more sweetness, therefore add a little more sugar. These amounts are only guide, so follow your own taste and add a little more ginger or orange. I like quite a dry ginger beer so tend to go easy on the sugar.  

To serve, fill a larger beaker with plenty of ice, a few sprigs of mint and concentrate.  Top with 1 litre of sparkling mineral water and enjoy, preferably while sitting outside in the sun.  

The concentrate can also be left in the fridge and served in a single glass.  

Enjoy. x Zoe

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