A beautiful Christmas Salad

We've made this beautiful fresh salad for Christmas for the past few years. It looks absolutely stunning served on a large platter at the Christmas table and is the perfect match with any spread, celebrating the arrival of Summer with vibrant coloured tomatoes and the first stone fruit for the season.
It's incredibly simple to piece together at the last minute. I recommend getting a good quality rich and sticky balsamic reduction for this special salad - Farro or Nosh would be a great place to dig for this. 
The recipe below will give four adults a generous taste, feel free to play with the quantities though, it's a salad after all! 


250g punnet colourful cherry tomatoes, some cut in half and/or quarters, others left whole 

2x large just firm nectarine, diced - or slithered 

250g good quality bocconcini balls or good quality mozzarella, ripped into halves   

Handful micro greens  

Good quality balsamic reduction

Good quality olive oil



On a large platter, or individual plates arrange prepared tomatoes, nectarine and bocconcini - scatter with micro greens and dot dollops of balsamic around the plate. Drizzle with olive oil and season. 

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