• The start of a new school term brings new inspiration for healthy homemade lunches. Today I'm sharing an ol' classic - the peanut brownie, although it's been thoroughly jazzed up. I've never been a fan of the peanut brownie, it was such a disappointment when my Mother would make them, rather than her chocolate iced afghans or chewy oat cookies. I like a little more, I don't know, substance, or a...
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  • Almond & Orange Macaroons

    If you follow the Little & Loved Facebook page, you may have seen these moreish macaroons that I made late last year. Well, I've been making them a few times a week ever since! They are incredibly simple to make and are perfectly soft on the inside after that first crisp, coconut bite. Just divine, as every macaroon should be. You can enjoy any number with a cup of herbal tea without feeling...
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