• The start of a new school term brings new inspiration for healthy homemade lunches. Today I'm sharing an ol' classic - the peanut brownie, although it's been thoroughly jazzed up. I've never been a fan of the peanut brownie, it was such a disappointment when my Mother would make them, rather than her chocolate iced afghans or chewy oat cookies. I like a little more, I don't know, substance, or a...
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  • A few months ago I had the Lewis Road Creamery team (as well as a few extra little helping hands!) join me in my kitchen to shoot three recipes. The brief was to share three of my wholesome recipes that little ones love and can easily get involved in helping to make. Simple, that's everyday cooking for me. 
    This wholesome Butter Cookie recipe is incredibly easy to adapt to what you have on hand, or...
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  • These little cookie bites are devoured by my entire family, myself included - perfect with a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon, perfect packed into a lunchbox for a wee sweet treat. 
    I've used buckwheat flour, which is naturally free of gluten and has to be one of my favourite flour alternatives to work with, paired with my favourite sugar alternative, coconut sugar, which gives a lovely, rich...
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