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  • Peanut Butter Fudge

    Finn, who is almost two, adores peanut butter. He could eat an entire jar if I let him at it with a spoon, although we don't buy jars now, we've upsized to pales, in the hope that we don't run out so quickly. 
    I've had a delicious fudge experiment on the brain for awhile, but am not interested in refined sugar, or the melting of sugar and controlling temperatures - far too laborious for me, food in...
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  • This week I featured in the New Zealand Herald, in a piece it is running on small business bloggers, you can read the article online here. For those of you that follow my blog I wanted to take the time to say thank-you. Thank-you for being here, for reading my often babbly babble, for taking the time to comment and email me your glorious Little & Loved kitchen creations - it truly makes my day.... View Post
  • Apricot & Orange Logs

    Easing into the short week with the recipe for these delicious apricot and orange logs. Often it is the simplest of recipes that pack the biggest flavour and this can defiantly be said about these little beauties! These wee logs are the perfect size for chubby wee fingers and make a wonderful addition to a lunchbox for big or small! They can be thrown together in minutes and only contain a handful...
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