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  • Chocolate, Coconut Mousse Tart

    I was recently sent some new products from one of my favourite health food suppliers, Matakana Superfoods. It was timely that I wanted to create this incredible special occasion tart again, in time for Christmas.

    Matakana Superfoods have the most extensive range of products derived from the coconut, with three recent additions to the range.
    Coconut Nectar- a natural, low G.I sugar alternative, which...
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  • Peanut Butter Fudge

    Finn, who is almost two, adores peanut butter. He could eat an entire jar if I let him at it with a spoon, although we don't buy jars now, we've upsized to pales, in the hope that we don't run out so quickly. 
    I've had a delicious fudge experiment on the brain for awhile, but am not interested in refined sugar, or the melting of sugar and controlling temperatures - far too laborious for me, food in...
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  • We all know that breakfast is the most valuable meal of the day. A wholesome start to each day can provide you with huge amounts of energy. But, in order to stick to a great regime, you really ought to love it, right?
    Chia seeds have this clever knack of turning liquid into a jelly like consistent, I often use them as an egg replacement in baking and have gone as far as making a chia caviar, which...
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