family meal

  • The Stickest Chicken Nibbles

    This would have to be one of the boys favourite meals, Ben being at the top of the list! He inhales these sticky nibbles, while I strategically sit as far away from him as possible, to avoid the man grunts and slurps!  
    It takes only a few minutes to throw the marinade together, which will keep in the fridge for several days. Don'tcoat the chicken until just prior to cooking, this will ensure a...
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  • Lentil & Potato Curry

    This wholesome lentil and potato curry is perfect for a simple Winters night dinner. It is packed with flavour, with just a touch of chilli, the idea being that the whole family can enjoy. Serve with brown rice or cauliflower 'rice' and a dollop of natural yogurt - or simply enjoy with a generous sprinkling of fresh coriander. 

    You can find it on the Ecostore blog, here

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  • These delicious burgers have been a summer favourite in our home, packed with protein and a punch of flavour.  I love watching the boys devour them, which is exactly what they do!  
    As you may have noticed, quinoa is one of my favourite ingredients, high in protein it often takes place of carbohydrates in our meals. I try and include it in our family diet 2-3 times a week. By adding quinoa to these...
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