• These little morsels are simply divine. Perfectly sweet with a hint of orange, delicious buttery cashews and tart dried apricots, a subtle but incredible flavour sensation!  
    Puffed quinoa is light and airy and my boys love to eat it. Max would eat it drenched in milk for breakfast every morning but I tend to add a few more grains to his bowl. Puffed quinoa is the ultimate way to include this...
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  • These little morsels get devoured in minutes every time I make them for Max and Finn.  
    The batter, heavy on eggs, is packed with protein making them a wonderful and nutritious snack, lunch box filler or light meal and a wonderful way to pack in extra vegetables if you've come up short during the day! The creme fraiche creates a deliciously light and fluffy centre and makes them easy to throw...
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