• My favourite season? Asparagus!
    The day those bunches of spiky spears start popping up on shelves is a great one - and every year we make the most of them, because sadly the season never seems to last long.
    I think most that share in my love for asparagus would agree that you really don't need to do much to them, lightly steamed with a little butter, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and seasoning,...
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  • When I'm at home with both of the boys on a Tuesday and Wednesday I usually let Max guide what we'll eat for lunch. Today he requested prawns, potato and cucumber - clearly, this boy has his Mamas great taste! 
    So I whipped up this beautiful warm salad to enjoy in the sunshine - yes, sunshine, it is back!  

    I parboiled peeled and cubed potatoes in salted boiling water then fried in a good glug of... View Post
  • Recently Finn, who is a few months short of two has become a little fuss-pot. He'll start the day wonderfully - a banana can be consumed in as little as three bites, followed by mouthfuls of buckwheat and chia muesli. But come late afternoon any offerings are generally thrown against the nearest wall. It's a stage, I get that - but I'm not going to resort to either, A: offering him no dinner or B:... View Post