• For many of you, school holidays are well underway and while I'm not yet a school Mum, I can feel the pain that a Winter holiday brings - especially with the added rain and wind. 
    I thought I would share a selection of healthy, nutritious and exciting lunchbox ideas to inspire you and your little ones for the remainder of the school year.
    My boys are both big on grazing, so small nutritious snacks...
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  • Buckwheat & Parmesan Crackers

    These delicious wee crackers tend to get devoured before they make it to the jar, which is for the best as they are fantastic while still warm from the oven. Max isn't a huge bread or cracker fan, but he does love cheese and Finn, the chalk in their relationship, doesn't eat cheese but would happily eat any form of cracker,! With the addition of buckwheat flour which despite its name... View Post

  • These little morsels get devoured in minutes every time I make them for Max and Finn.  
    The batter, heavy on eggs, is packed with protein making them a wonderful and nutritious snack, lunch box filler or light meal and a wonderful way to pack in extra vegetables if you've come up short during the day! The creme fraiche creates a deliciously light and fluffy centre and makes them easy to throw...
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