lunchbox ideas

  • Plum Muffins

    These delicious wee muffins are the perfect wholesome addition to your little ones lunchbox, or for a shared morning tea with friends.  
    There are many gluten free flour options these days and I'm sure it can be confusing when scouring through recipes. In our home I tend to use a mixture of buckwheat and rice flour and sometimes a little almond meal. You can easily create your own mixture using... View Post
  • For many of you, school holidays are well underway and while I'm not yet a school Mum, I can feel the pain that a Winter holiday brings - especially with the added rain and wind. 
    I thought I would share a selection of healthy, nutritious and exciting lunchbox ideas to inspire you and your little ones for the remainder of the school year.
    My boys are both big on grazing, so small nutritious snacks...
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  • These little cookie bites are devoured by my entire family, myself included - perfect with a cup of herbal tea in the afternoon, perfect packed into a lunchbox for a wee sweet treat. 
    I've used buckwheat flour, which is naturally free of gluten and has to be one of my favourite flour alternatives to work with, paired with my favourite sugar alternative, coconut sugar, which gives a lovely, rich...
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