• We all know that breakfast is the most valuable meal of the day. A wholesome start to each day can provide you with huge amounts of energy. But, in order to stick to a great regime, you really ought to love it, right?
    Chia seeds have this clever knack of turning liquid into a jelly like consistent, I often use them as an egg replacement in baking and have gone as far as making a chia caviar, which...
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  • Lentil & Potato Curry

    This wholesome lentil and potato curry is perfect for a simple Winters night dinner. It is packed with flavour, with just a touch of chilli, the idea being that the whole family can enjoy. Serve with brown rice or cauliflower 'rice' and a dollop of natural yogurt - or simply enjoy with a generous sprinkling of fresh coriander. 

    You can find it on the Ecostore blog, here

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  • Lemon & Herb Quinoa

    I'm excited to have my Mama here for the week, leading up to a wee holiday for Max. Its become a ritual for us, she comes to Auckland for a few days, spends time with my brothers and I, takes Finn for huge walks and helps me with my busy life. She loves to fold my washing and she loves to take the pressure off me for a few days. Then, at the end of the week, she'll take Max home for four or five...
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