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A Sunscreen Guide

Together with one of my oldest friends Sophie - we've put together this sunscreen guide, which we hope will help you chose a sunscreen that is right for your family, without feeling overwhelemed. Sophie has written the content and provided some handy links for further reading, while I've compared the sunscreens that Little & Loved stock.  I consider myself a walking melanoma risk, with the type of fair, freckled skin that can still get burnt at 6pm. Safe to say I'm well acquainted with sunscreen so I've put together a few pointers to help you choose one that works best for you and your family....

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Birthday Story Stones - Craft Project

craft project DIY with kids

My parents are both amazingly creative and love to make things, more so in recent years since they've become grandparents: Mort & Poppa.  
My Father is the craftsman behind the wooden products that are stoked at Little & Loved and my Mother is in the midst of writing a children's book.  

Although I haven't yet converted Mort into using Pinterest, I often email her with ideas that I've pinned for the...

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