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Birthday Story Stones - Craft Project

craft project DIY with kids

My parents are both amazingly creative and love to make things, more so in recent years since they've become grandparents: Mort & Poppa.  
My Father is the craftsman behind the wooden products that are stoked at Little & Loved and my Mother is in the midst of writing a children's book.  

Although I haven't yet converted Mort into using Pinterest, I often email her with ideas that I've pinned for the boys.  While I like to think I'm a creative type right now I have more ideas than I actually have time for. 
This year for Max's fourth birthday she made a dozen painted stones that she gathered on a recent trip to Christchurch.  
The images each have special meaning to Max and our family.  We'll use them for imaginative play and story telling.  
Hours of fun…  

Mort applied a patch of white undercoat to each stone before drawing the image in pencil, painted with an acrylic paint and finished with a single layer of matt polyurethane.  Very simple.

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