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Re-Play Recycled - Tester Reviews

re-play replay review

A few months ago we requested a handful of everyday, busy Mamas to try the new (to Little & Loved) Re-Play range of eat ware and provide us with a little good (or not!) honest feedback!

Thank-you Rosie, Kirsten, Lucy, Samantha, Racheal, Laura and Ange for putting Re-Play through its paces, your incredible feedback and allowing us to share some of your gorgeous photos of Re-Play in action!    

Here is just a few things our Mamas had to say about Re-Play:

From Rosie; My boys couldn’t be more different in their eating habits. Hugo (2.5) is that kid you dream of, he will eat anything, at five times the speed of Spencer (8 months), who fusses, cries, wants a different spoon half way through, or 'wants different dinner'! The Divided Plates have been pivotal in our dinnertime developments. They’ve made me realise how MUCH I was trying to feed my boys – particularly Spencer.  I have gone from serving up an adult size bowl to a “taste” of a variety of foods.  This has gone down a treat and I’m stoked to say that Spencer is now eating ALL of his dinner, even broccoli! The divided spaces of the plates not only manage portions they invite variety and inspire creativity! Our lunches are now fun! I love the fact that this range is made from old milk bottles – it’s great to know that our waste is being recycled into something we will use but beyond that, it’s the most practical dinnerware we’ve had for our kids. I'm used to falling in love with a product and then baulking at the cost but not this time, the entire range is so affordable. We will definitely be building on ours!











From Kirsten; I was surprised by how sturdy the (Re-Play) range felt, even the fork stands up really well to toddler antics. The size of each divider in the plate is perfect. I love that the tumbler is quite tall and can fit quite a lot of drink in it if needed but is nice and slim so easy for my toddler to hold, she hasn't dropped it once. Our girl (2.5) loves her Re-Play divided plate and won't eat off anything else now! I was nicely surprised by how well general grease washes off the plastic. I would highly recommend the Re-Play range. I think they are priced fantastically for what they are and not only can you rest easy having a practical piece of dinnerware that is safe for your child, you are also helping our environment. They are a firm favourite in our household!




From Lucy; 
My girls were very excited to get the Re-Play plates, spoons and forks delivered. It's fantastic that they are made from recycled milk bottles and yet they seem very hard wearing and sturdy. The plates are the perfect size for toddler/preschooler sized meals (lunch or dinner) - the larger section I found great for the protein and other two smaller sections for some veges. The forks and spoons are easy for them to hold. They have washed really easily either in the dishwasher or by hand. 

From Samantha;
 We received our package the day we were flying to the UK for two months so it all went straight in the cases! My son who is 3 has eaten from it, thrown it, played with it and anything else he can think of. As a Mama the textured feel of the products are great as my son now feels confident to bring his bowl or plate out to the kitchen. The size of the bowl is perfect for little ones for breakfast pasta and desserts, the plate would ideally be a bit bigger for dinners as my son has a very good appetite, it's perfect for fruit, lunch and afternoon tea. All in all I love the range! I must add that my son has Down syndrome so the phases the children go through like throwing, takes much longer to move through with him. Re-Play will be items that I take with me to people's houses, so that I'm not worried about him breaking things! 

From Racheal; I was first struck by the lovely colours. I was impressed at how thick and sturdy the plates were, definately no risk of breakages! The texture is similar to milk bottles but much much thicker and firmer. The kids loved having different sections and surprisingly I did too. It made me think more about the balance of the meal I was giving them! My daughter (1) handled the spoon and fork well as both are chunky and easy to hold and the fork isn't too sharp on the points. They have become my go to plates for the kids! I can see these plates still in the cupboards for years to come.

From Laura; I have nothing but positives to say about the Re-Play range, it is well loved in our household! The Re-Play divided plate has noticeably changed my daughters eating habits. At 13 months old she can be an extremely fussy eater, but since using this product she does her best to taste and eat until each divide is almost empty. Having the divides also gives me prerogative to think of variations to feed her. The Snack pods are such a clever concept. I love how they're designed to fit together, so light weight, and easy to clean. During a recent trip to the Aquarium, I had mini frittatas in one pod and fruit in the other. A great way to store lunch while your on the go with your little one.  
From Ange; My boys love the novelty of the divided plates, it's been great being able to separate their foods when necessary. 
I like that the range feels tough and sturdy, I'm not at all concerned that the Re-Play items will break. They stack together so neatly (my inner-neatfreak​ loves​!) and fit perfectly into the dishwasher; they seem to be withstanding the constant dishwashing beautifully.
The price point of the range is spot on​; knowing that the products are made from recycled milk bottles makes a big difference to how I view their value. The range of colours is vibrant and fun; we have blue and aqua, which are gorgeous, but I'm tempted to buy the whole rainbow! In the time we've been using the items - daily since they arrived - I've seen no sign of wear or fading​, which is a bonus.​

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