• Hello Lilac - Good Morning Yellow

Hello Lilac - Good Morning Yellow


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This charming introduction to the world of color and a child’s first words is brimming with bright, playfully inviting illustrations of everyday objects. Introducing children to colors and in the process expanding their vocabulary, this book will delight young readers, who will recognize the myriad of things that make their world colorful.
A sunny morning introduces the color yellow and leads young readers to a light bulb, a fuzzy baby chick, a lemon, and a friendly lion. A snowman, a sheep, an egg, and a soccer ball reveal that white has endless variations. Green takes readers outside to look at a leaf, a frog, and a caterpillar while a brown bear is surrounded by a wooden spoon, a basket, a girl’s braid and a broom.
Gorgeously illustrated, this engaging book is sure to capture a child’s imagination and is perfect for young ones to read with their parents. Recommended for ages 1–3

Author: Judith Drews   
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Bind: hardback
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 200 x 260 mm