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Bambeado | Baby Amber Necklace - Dark Cherry


Bambeado | Baby Amber Necklace - Dark Cherry

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The Bambeado bud necklace is made from round shaped amber pieces that have been polished to give a wonderful finish without any sharp edges, this is the most popular style within the range. 

  • Measures approximately 33cm in length.
  • Comes with a natural woven pouch and safety insert.

Safety is of the highest priority at Bambeado, they ave taken the following measures with all of the baby and children's products.

  • Submitted their products for testing have successfully passed all relevant safety standards. 
  • Each piece is fitted with a screw clasp so cannot easily be removed.
  • Each piece of amber is hand knotted so in the unlikely event the bracelet break only one piece of amber will come off.
  • Parental guidance is still advised for the usage of these products for kids under three years.

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