• Kendama - Cup & Ball Game
  • Kendama - Cup & Ball Game

Kendama - Cup & Ball Game


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Let's take the ball and cup game to another level with the Kendama! There are 3 levels to master in this game of skill. The first is the traditional ball and cup game, but doubled. Hold the handle and flip the ball up to catch it on one of the two cups located on either side of the handle. Once you've conquered that and by using the holes drilled into the ball, try to catch it by landing on the end of the rod. Lastly, hold on to the narrow end of the handle and try to catch the ball on the wide end - it's harder than it looks! Made from wood, the Kendama will test your motor skills and provide loads of fun for the whole family!

Measures 17cm high

Recommended for age 4+

About the brand: Goki

(Gollnest & Kiesel) is one of Europe's leading innovative wooden toy manufacturers and the largest toy company in Northern Germany. Goki toys are designed in Germany to strict quality standards. All wooden toys are made from a variety of trees but most importantly, they are only sourced from places where they can grow back again. The paints and the varnishes come from small, but highly specialised vendors.

Goki has a long history of being engaged in social and ecological projects. Major initiatives include gifting a tree for every new-born child in the northern German federal state, a unique German initiative! That's 25,000 trees every year and 314,000 trees in total. Goki have also built 10 schools for children in developing countries with a view that the cycle of child labour and the subsequent life of poverty can only be broken through education.

The wide range of beautiful award winning Goki toys have a contemporary European feel and are made for children's hands, heads and souls.