• Where's Bernard - A Bat Spotting Book

Where's Bernard - A Bat Spotting Book


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Bernard loves the dark. Why not? He’s a bat! During his journey through the night he comes across fascinating creatures in all sorts of interesting places: a conservatory, a forest, a jungle, a cave, the depths of the ocean, and the night sky. Bernard is on a hunt and in each new setting he must locate an important object.
Katja Spitzer’s magical drawings seem to come to life in this delightful story with a surprising conclusion. A renowned illustrator of books for people of all ages, Spitzer creates entire worlds in her intricate, dreamlike drawings.

Young readers will love helping Bernard find his way through this super-fun look-and-find book.

Author: Katja Spitzer  
Publisher: Prestel Publishing
Bind: hardback
Pages: 32
Dimensions: 190 x 245 mm
Publication Date: 15-09-2017