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Zoku | Quick Pop Maker - Duo


Zoku | Quick Pop Maker - Duo

$59.50 $85.00

It takes two to Zoku with the Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker. Enjoy the same size pops as the original Quick Pop Maker and freeze them just as fast—making up to six pops before refreezing the unit. This size is perfect for couples, students, smaller families or as an addition to the original Quick Pop Maker for larger groups.

  • 1 Duo Quick Pop Maker, 4 sticks, 4 drip guards, and 1 super tool
  • BPA and phthlatate free
  • Hand Wash
  • Make up to 6 pops before refreezing the unit again 

It's as simple as...  

1. Freeze your Quick Pop Maker for 8+ hours
2. Insert pop sticks into the moulds
3. Pour chilled juice, yogurt, smoothies etc etc (etc!) into the moulds up to the fill line
4. Watch it freeze in just 7-9 minutes, just like this video...  

(Please note this video is of the Triple unit)

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